Top 5 Haircuts

#1The flat top haircut

The flat top has been around for as long as I can remember which is why I picked it as the first of the top 5  haircuts .It’s been around it seems forever. I wore one as a kid into my high school years before losing my hair. The flat top was a great haircut for making your face look slimmer as the sides would be real short as the top would look longer drawing your face to look longer and even make you look thinner as most haircuts with contrast do with the top being longer than the sides.

#2 the buzz haircut

The buzz cut is a haircut that is a low maintenance haircut that is a haircut that many parents give their kids in the beginning of the summer so that they can make it through the summer without getting another on before starting school in the fall and creates a round appearance to the face especially when growing it out after several months. not recommended for over weight people as it will make you look heavier.

#3 the scissor haircut

Many men prefer a scissor cut rather than a clipper cut that are wearing their hair longer and want to feather or slick back their hair. Scissor hair cutting gives a better edge on the hair ends that will last longer than a clipper cut but don’t make a big deal out of it if you have short hair because it wont make a difference in the way your hair looks unless you only get trimmed every couple months or you are keeping your hair on the longer side.

#4 the long haircut

Long hair has its own category because it depends entirely on the person growing their hair on what they think is long. I have had many clients say that they wanted long hair but it is always different for every client on what they think is long. never the less long hair should be trimmed with nothing but scissors and there should be a involved conversation about what the client actually wants from the barber or stylist at the time of the haircut. bringing a picture is always helpful to the barber or stylist performing the service and will get the client the best service possible compared to trying to explain it the barber or stylist.

#5 Trending haircuts

Trending haircuts are what the new styles are in the last year or so. New styles this year include the gentlemens cut,the faux hawk,and the Under cut. Amongst many other variations of these haircuts that have evolved from these styles over the last year. Many of our clients at Cruisin’ Style Barber Parlor over the last 10 years since having smart phones have brought us pictures of the styles they have wanted and we love having the input to follow! If you really want  the styles you see around you on the street and on tv and magazines then you should bring your barber or stylist a picture to look at.

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