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Beard Care

By Craig Felice | January 11, 2016 | Styles

So these days just about every where you look you’ll see men wearing beards. It seems that it  has become a cultural thing if you live in a hip or trendy area and men are taking to the whole beard care process image2image1as they’re significant others are demanding it. Let’s face it; beards can be scratchy, itchy,, ratty looking out of place, and down right ugly. That’s why most men who are wearing these longer style beards are starting to use products to tame the savage beast. Guys that come to Cruisin’ Style Barber Parlor have been asking for advice and help in caring for their beards. We have reached out to our hair care product providers for answers and the companies are starting to send us samples and we actually carry some products to help now. If you have a full beard you definitely want to start a beard oil regiment as soon as possible. Most of the barbers at Cruisin’ Style Barber Parlor have longer beards as trends are changing  and are using some sort of beard care at this time. using beard oil or serum is a good way to soften and control your beard from being frizzy and unappealing and make having a larger beard more acceptable wearing them in even formal surroundings.  Come in if you need advice. We are willing to help. Beard care enthusiast Dominick Much ( one of the barbers at Cruisin’ Style) can give advice on the subject.Dominick_Anthony_Much[wpseo_map id=”undefined” width=”400″ height=”300″ zoom=”-1″ map_style=”roadmap”][wpseo_address id=”undefined” oneline=”1″ show_state=”1″ show_phone=”1″ show_email=”1″ show_url=”1″ show_opening_hours=”1″][wpseo_opening_hours id=”undefined” ]Obviously he has a bit of experience on the matter. Our barbers are experienced in beard trimming and shaping and  give our customers a great experience. So from the novice to the experienced come transform your beard into something people will compliment not just acknowledge.IMG_1746

Kelly O'Brien after getting his hair and beard done at Cruisin' Style Barber Parlor

Kelly O’Brien after getting his hair and beard Care done at Cruisin’ Style Barber Parlor

Craig Felice / About the author

Craig Felice is the Owner/ senior barber specializing in customer service and short hair styles like flat tops. Craig is a West Chester native and has been a barber since 1995. He is a working part of the barber shop nearly every day and wants to make your experience a great one!!

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