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So every one is talking about the gentleman’s hair cuts. Well at Cruisin’ Style barber parlor we understand what your talking about. We have been doing these hair cuts for five years even though it seems like its a new style. We started doing these hair cuts when people were calling them hitler youth hair cuts .Notice i did not capitalize hitler because i don’t believe in his beliefs. never the less this style has become very popular amongst many young people including our hipster kids around West Chester Pennsylvania and in all major cities around the world including New York city and Los Angeles. We service all make and models just like a good auto garage. That means we service all people as a multi cultural barber shop with someone in our shop to service all types of clientele including African american barbers. We have no problem with any cultural at Cruisin’ Style Barber parlor as we have been serving (ALL) since 2001!! We are confident of our skills in all ethnics as we have always been! This is the kind of place everyone can feel comfortable in.  Many of our customers know each other which is how we get most of our business because people feel that comfortable when they come in that they recommend they’re friends to Cruisin’ Style Barber parlor!!  With the holiday’s coming in the near future we encourage our customers to book ahead even though we take walk- ins all day long if you don’t want to make one. Happy ChristmaHaniKwansica to you!! LOL!!! We are very excited to come upon our holiday season with a new employee Dominick Much who is a local barber having worked at Rams Head Barber Shop for the last 2 years before coming to Cruisin’ Style Barber Parlor where he will flourish with more experienced barbers to groom him to a better future and a busy appointment book! Come see him! Dominick  is very talented in fading and beard work which is hard to find in this day in barbering! Do not go to your chain hair cut places before checking out a place like Cruisin’ Style Barber Parlor!!!!

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